Nursing Studies FETAC Level 5

Aldatus Healthcare & Safety Training in partnership with B&B Nursing offers FETAC Level 5 Certificate in Nursing Studies Certificate consists of 8 FETAC Level 5 Modules. This course offers a practical and theoretical introduction to the world of Nursing, Health Related careers and Community Care. This full FETAC Award facilities entry on a competitive basis to a range of 3rd Level Institutions nationwide.

The total credit value required for this certificate is 8 modules. We offer:

  • D20001 – Anatomy & Physiology
  • D20012 – Introduction to Nursing
  • G20001 – Communications
  • W20008 – Work Experience
  • D20165 – Safety and Health at Work
  • D20032 – Human Growth & Development (E)
  • N22816 – Infection Prevention and Control (E)
  • D20163 – Care Skills (E)

E =  Elective –  Requests for other elective modules will be considered on request
In all our modules we use VAK Methodology

(Visual , Auditory, Kinesthetic) to ensure all learners have a variety of  delivery styles to assist them ), this will include:

  • Power Point
  • Module breakdown
  • Learner Handouts
  • DVD’s
  • Research techniques
  • Flipchart
  • Demonstration/Role play
  • Group discussion
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